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  • Assalamualaikum wbt. and Salam Negaraku Malaysia.

    The Industry Smallholders Development Authority (RISDA) , established in January 1, 1973 as a government statutory body , responsible for administering the fund of the rubber industry , implementation of the plan and subsequent replanting modernize smallholder sector. The role of small farmers is important in the Malaysian rubber industry where the sector contributed 78 % of Malaysia's rubber production .

    In order to achieve the objective of improving the socio-economic smallholders RISDA was and will concentrate on the various programs and activities to ensure that they can really benefit small farmers as well as to support Malaysia's rubber industry to remain strong and competitive.

    Availability of RISDA Website shows the management's commitment to provide the latest information on the development and management of the smallholder sector. I hope this site will allow site visitors to interact to obtain any information about RISDA general and specific information about programs and activities planned for the development of the smallholder sector.

    Thank you.

    RISDA Director-General