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  • RISDA is a federal government agency under the Ministry of Rural Development and was established on 1 January 1973 under the powers passed by Parliament:-

    1. The Act the authorities the rubber industry smallholders development was RISDA Act 85 1972
    2. The rubber industry Fund Ordinance (Replanting) 1952.

    "In accordance with the CIRCULAR, it is clear that the Government looked at the weight on the role carried out by the smallholder sector as an important production sector in the national economy."

    Abdullah bin Abdul Kadir, KMN
    RISDA Chairman / Director General
    The official Launch ceremony RISDA on 8 February 1973

  • The Opening Speech Of The Honourable Tun Hj. Abd. Razak Bin Datuk Hussein ONN, Prime Minister of Malaysia, at the Official Launch ceremony, RISDA on February 8, 1973.

    With the establishment of RISDA, creates an organization dedicated to guiding the smallholder sector towards progress and economic and social development, RISDA will establish natural rubber industry of the country grew strong and stable.

    The Government looked at essential to create a policy and a new strategy for the promotion of smallholder sector and based on this, RISDA was established.

    As advised, RISDA is responsible for all aspects of the development of the smallholder sector. These include modernizing the smallholders to make full use of the results of research and development of the technique in rubber cultivation and processes it and so working with MARDEC hold an efficient marketing system for smallholders. But very importantly is fostering new attitudes and modern concept for the smallholder sector in accordance with the situation today.

    With this it is clear that the reform elements necessarily form the basis of the concept of CIRCULAR so that all smallholders we use modern practices for increasing the quality of rubber production and higher yield.

    I have also directed the RISDA to hold an "Integrated Approach" to problems faced by smallholders. At any other time the smallholder problems handled by several organisations, namely, the Board of the rubber industry (Replanting), rubber Research Center (RRI) and MARDEC. All of this will now run. This may be carried out with the simultaneous implementation of research carried out GROWERS ' CONFERENCE 1991 as well as the marketing system for the benefit of all MARDEC small farmers in the country. By means of the "Integrated Approach" that it is HOPED will ensure that smallholder sector renewed in all aspects to enhance the economic status of smallholders and giving a more perfect life.

    The question of improving the economic situation of smallholders in touch closely with the implementation of the new economic policy. Then it is HOPED will be cooperating with all government agencies responsible for yesterday's full. No doubt HOPED that will play an important role in the implementation of the new economic policy, especially in terms of restructuring society.

    In the end I expect that with the launch of hoped efforts we can fully devoted to the problems faced by smallholders and improve their position. Let us pray that my wishes and aspirations through the efforts of the noble RISDA completely.

  •   Smallholders To Earn An Average Monthly Income of RM4,500 For Each Family In 2025.

  •  To implement development policies and programs to ensure the growth and viability of the smallholder sector rubber industry;

     To plan, coordinate, implement and monitor the Scheme provided and approved under the provisions of Part VI of the RISDA Act 1972;

     To provide technical services, advice, training and education programs to the smallholder sector;

     To collect and manage statistics or information necessary and maintain records relating to the smallholder sector;

     To plan and implement any other activities that may improve the social and economic well-being of smallholders;

     To ensure that the smallholder sector is modernized to improve the social and economic well-being of smallholders;

     To do any other things that enable it to perform it's functions effectively or incidental to the performance of it's functions.

  • Mission:

    Driving a Prosperous Smallholder Community From New Commodity Sources and Revenue Based on the Digital Industrial Revolution and Green Technology


    Becoming a Leading Agency for the Development of Smallholders

  • Quality Policy

    Creating A Sense Of Responsibility And Commitment Among All Staff In All Offices To Enhance The Efficiency, Effectiveness And Customer's Satisfaction.

    Quality Objective

    RISDA Is Committed To Manage Assistance Replanting Programmes Efficiently And Effectively To Meet The Needs Of Small Farmers.

  • Certificate Of Auditor-General On The Financial Statements Of The Authority The Rubber Industry Smallholders Development For The Year Ended:

    No. Ended Year
     01  31 December 2002
     02  31 December 2005
     03  31 December 2006
     04  31 December 2007
     05  31 December 2008
     06  31 December 2009
     07  31 December 2010
     08  31 December 2011
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