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  • Hevea collection
    As is known, the rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis) are often more associated with its LaTeX is used in everyday life. But nowadays, the use of rubber trees is expanded through the research of bio-technologies have highlight rubber leaf as one source of income among rural communities.

    This handicrafts production involves the process of keeping the rubber leaves the selected within a month. It is run entirely by a bevy of Women Smallholders (PWPK) and indirectly it is additional sources of income to smallholders in the rubber industry, especially the women in Malaysia.

    Some of the processes involved in the making of handicrafts using rubber leaf are:

    1. the process of decay and bleach the leaves
    2. Paint frame leaves
    3. form the leaves into flowers
    4. Composing jambakan flowers

    There are many crafts that can be produced by the rubber leaves flowers collection in the form of bunch of flowers, a collection of marriage such as egg flower/flower bridal bouquets and rampai, kosage flowers. In fact the rubber leaves dried also serve as decoration on vases, souvenirs, bookmarks, key chains, clock and picture frame.

    In addition, processed rubber leaf has a collection of interesting and unique color. The color collection include gemstone colors like red pomegranate collection to vague, gems for gems of purple, firus to kebiru-biruan, diamonds for white and patchouli for blue.

    The beauty of crafts and flower arrangement of leaves rubber stands composition more creative maintained with fresh colors that got in touch unique, creative and modern.
  • kambing
    Raising Boer goat kids aged 3 months up to 80-130 kg body weight. Pure Boer goats originated from European, Angora and Indian. It has a coiled horn and a variety of colors and patterns. Weight stud Boer is 110-135 kg, while females weigh between 90-100 kg.

    In addition, it can increase daily milk production up more than 200g/hari. It can be sold when aged 6 months to 10-12 months, male and female can give birth to a rate of 200% within 2 years, 3 times.

    RISDA a breeding center and the Half-Boer Goat Breeding managed by RISDA Plantation Sdn. Limited. (RPSB) is as follows:
    1. Central breeding and cross breeding Boer Goats (North Zone)
    Tg. Genting, Sintok, Kedah.
    2. Central breeding and cross breeding Boer Goats (Central Zone)
    Kg. Awah, Temerloh, Pahang.
  • lembu
    Feedlot cattle means cattle intensively in the cage / enclosure for the purpose of production of beef cattle weight gain through giving good food, clean water, adequate minerals and vitamins within 4 months.

    Breeds used are imported breeds such as Brahman, Draughmaster and Nellore. The local breed dikacukan with imported breeds such as the Half-KK KK x x Brahman and Nellore.

    In addition, the local breed of Kedah-Kelantan (KK) can also increase the weight but slower rate.

    RISDA Centre for Breeding Cattle breeding and managed by ESPEK Livestok Farm RISDA as follows:
    a) Terengganu Tengah, Kemaman, Terengganu
    b) Palong II, Jempol, Negeri Sembilan

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