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Tissue culture seed oil can increase fresh fruit bunches ( FFB ) exceeds 10-20 % compared DxP crop and increase oil production 20 -30 % compared to conventional methods. Recognizing this fact, RISDA take proactive steps to establish a memorandum of understanding (MoU ) with leading research agencies palm , Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB ) to provide consultancy services in the entire discipline of tissue culture process , from sketching buildings and workflow in the laboratory, protocols seed production until the oil palm tissue culture planting clones in the field.

Biotechnology RISDA complex consisting of a Palm Tissue Culture Laboratory building worth Rs 2.7 million and a pre- nursery in Jalan Institution , Bangi New Town became the hallmarks of pride as citizens RISDA first agency under the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development ( MRRD ), which has a laboratory high-tech palm clonal seed producer quality . It thus will be a hotbed for training and research staff RISDA that to strengthen their expertise . Biotechnology Complex RISDA ceremony was officiated by YB Dato 'Seri Hj . Mohd . Shafie bin Hj . Apdal , Minister of Rural and Regional Development on July 9, 2013 .

After nearly two years of operation RISDA has issued 25,000 palm seedlings tissue culture in the process of gradual cultivation in plantations RISDA . RISDA committed to ensuring that every stage in vitro or ex vitro standards as specified by the consultant from the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB ) to ensure the quality of the product .
Each stage of the process required to adhere to tissue culture of strict discipline to ensure the smooth operation of sterilization and production are always at their best. The production capacity is between 100,000 to 150,000 ramets ( son clones) year after the laboratory fully operational.

Today, as a leading RISDA smallholders can be seen sit low , stand tall in the production of oil palm clones when by the end of 2015 alone, the laboratory will produce a total of 100,000 ramets in stages to be supplied to RISDA farms and smallholdings.



The opening ceremony on July 9, 2013 executed by the Minister of Rural and Regional Development 


Trip Minister of Rural and Regional to the Laboratories

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"Ramet is raised in a pre-semaian"

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Plot studies in farm RISDA Kg. Changkat Solomon, Sungkai, Perak

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Trip Minister of Rural and Regional to the Laboratories

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