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Cooperative Development Of Smallholders

The cooperative movement is a means by which the development of smallholder community through pengembelengan energy, capital and management skills to increase their involvement and participation in commercial activities. To date, 64 co-operative society at the national level, State and district levels have been established and operate in Peninsular Malaysia.

The structure of Co-operatives co-operative movement Smallholders Nasional Berhad (NARSCO) as a holding cooperative national and cooperative-cooperative smallholders in the State and district levels.

Women Smallholder Groups

This group is one of the institutions set up to mobilise women smallholders in the development of the family and the economy. Membership comprised and led by women, smallholders and wife example, whose activities are economic and social.

Among the economic activities the focus is the field of wet food processing such as chilli sauce, tomato sauce, soy sauce, as well as snacks, crafts, sewing and agriculture. In line with the launch of a new philosophy and strategy of rural development in 1994, RISDA has increased its efforts to guide members of the entrepreneurs and their product is commercialised.

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