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  • Smallholder Economic Increase

    This programme created to help provide soft loan shaped financial facilities to individual small holders, smallholder cooperatives and companies that will cause benefit to smallholders to implement ancillary selected economic activity to help them increase revenue.

    Two type of economic activity that were identified so far is:

    1. Economic activity farm like livestock, fishery and vegetable.
    2. Economic activity out farm like manufacturing, construction, processing, packaging and distribution food materials, handicraft, sewing and others.

    Increase In Farm Produce

    This programme created to help provide soft loan to enable purchase new technology in agricultural field that can be supportive increase productivity smallholding. Technology intended is like high yielding material, fertilizer and technology devices to increase result.

    Development Poorest People

    This programme created to giving soft loan to poorest citizens to carry out various economic activities that can help them increase income. This economic activity will be carried out in groups.

    Entrepreneur Development

    This programme created to giving soft loan to smallholders to consolidate quality and entrepreneur's performance through business activity in various fields.

    Sources Of Financing Economic Enhancement Programme

    1. Aktiviti Ekonomi Tambahan (AET)
    2. Tabung Pembangunan Sosio-Ekonomi Pekebun Kecil (TPSEPK)

    Additional Economic Project Implementation Sectors

    1. Input Supply Sector Enterprises (Sektor Pembekalan Input Perusahaan)
    2. Production Sector (Sektor Pengeluaran Produk)
    3. Collection and Product Marketing Sector (Sektor Pengumpulan Dan Pemasaran Produk)
    4. Product Processing Sector (Sektor Pemprosesan Produk)

  • Socio-Economic Development Fund Smallholder (TPSEPK)

    No Scheme Explanation  
     1 Cooperative Loan
    Provide credit facilities to the MND to conduct business activities.
     2 General Loan
    Give credit facility to smallholders to carry out "on farm"'s economic project and "off farm".
     3 Study Loan
    Variable Scheme
    Give financial loan for learning in Sijil level, Diploma
    and Ijazah Bachelor in all fields or a course of study
    offered by Kolej RISDA Sdn. Bhd.(KRIS).Click here for conditions
    and supporting document required.
  • Sectors, The Implementation Of Additional Economic
    Classification of sectors of implementation required for strengthening the development of the agricultural sector in Malaysia and make development of the project as per the industry.

    There are 4 sectors:

    1. Input Supply Sector Enterprises (Sektor Pembekalan Input Perusahaan)
    2. Production Sector (Sektor Pengeluaran Produk)
    3. Collection And Product Marketing Sector (Sektor Pengumpulan Dan Pemasaran Produk)
    4. Product Processing Sector (Sektor Pemerosesan Produk)

    Input Supply Sector Enterprises
    The main problem in an effort to increase the economic activity that can be accompanied by rural smallholder community, particularly in the field of livestock is the lack of supply of high quality breeds at affordable rates coincide with the time that is required. The EPU has suggested RISDA led the effort to establish the center of pembakaan and breeding so that more small farmers throughout the country to participate in the project. Among them are as follows:

    1. Pusat Pembiakan dan Pembakaan (PPP)

      Lembu Kacukan Brahman
      Ladang RISDA Bera
      Ladang RISDA Palong 2
      Ladang RISDA Bukit Kota 1
      Ladang RISDA Bukit Kota 3
      Kambing Kacukan Boer
      Kg. Awah, Temerloh, Pahang
      Tg. Genting, Sintok Kedah(Fasa 1).
      Kg. Pengkalan Batu, Mersing, Johor.

    2. Bush Rubber Nursery

    Production Sector
    The sector related to the actual production of livestock products, plants and rural economy.

    There are 5 categories involved:

    1. Individual smallholders (Pekebun kecil individu)
    2. Women Group Smallholder (Perkumpulan Wanita Pekebun Kecil)
    3. Friends of Smallholder Entrepreneurs (Teman Usahawan Pekebun Kecil)
    4. Smallholder Co-Operatives (Koperasi Pekebun Kecil)
    5. RISDA Subsidiary (Anak Syarikat RISDA)
    To ensure the success of this sector, quality input obtained from 1 sector:

      Rural Economy
    Sector Of Product Collection And Marketing
    Once the PRODUCT is released, it takes the PLACE of collection and any business entity that markets the product. Small farmers cannot be charged off to solve this problem.

    This sector had a place to menumpul products and so on market as a result of the production dilapangan systematic and planned activities.
    Reminder: this became the deciding factor as to whether the project is viable or not.

    Product Processing Sector
    Establish Factories or downstream for processing the products get added value and expand the users of the product.

    At this stage the RISDA will establish the factories or downstream industries for the processing of the results produced in the production for its shape and provide added value so as to expand the users of the product.
    Example: the process of making fish balls, fillets, etc.
  • RISDA Entrepreneur Club (RISEC)

    RISDA Entrepreneur Club or RISDA Entrepreneurs Club (RISEC) established aims to build network of cooperation among all RISDA entrepreneur statewide and create one smallholder entrepreneur development implementation plan that is more planned, systematic and coordinated.

    Produce 10,000 entrepreneur smallholder that are viable, competitive and able to last towards 2015 will become affiliate member to GABEM.

    1. Building network and close cooperation among all RISDA entrepreneur.
    2. Establishing more intimate relations between entrepreneur with RISDA.
    3. Implement guidance that is planned and coordinated
    4. Get engaged in programme organised government, NGOs and private.
    5. Inject other interest smallholder become entrepreneur.
    6. Cultivate attitude "workaholic" among entrepreneur to always chase success.
    7. Become extraordinary entrepreneur that confident high.
    RISDA Entrepreneur Definition
    "Smallholder that own / work out a business / industry that operate alone or with the status of employer and willing to take the risk" and it needs in accordance with Act RISDA 2009."

    Entrepreneur Category
    Entrepreneur divided into four categories namely entrepreneur cadet, entrepreneur micro, smalltime entrepreneur and medium entrepreneur.

     Entrepreneur Category  Sales Volume Annual(RM)  Number Of full-time Workers
     Kadet  < 14,400  < 3
     Mikro  14,400 - 200,000  3 - 4
     Small  200,000 - 1 million  5 - 19
     Average  1 juta - 5 million  20-50
    Entrepreneurial Activities  A smallholder recognizable as entrepreneur smallholder when got involved with following activities :-

      Development Activity products and services
      Improvement Activity Product Quality
      Activity Farm Management
      Marketing Activity and Promotion
      Homestay activity / TASKA
      Nursery Management Activity
      Other activity which related rubber industry and oil palm under RISDA
     Field Industry   Among Field Industry :-

      Oil Palm
      Junk Food
      Cold Food Is Frozen
      Roti & Cake
      Craft Of Rubber Leave
     Program That Can Be Arranged By Kelab RISDA Entrepreneur  Among programme arranged :-

      Enculturation Programme Is Entrepreneurial
      Programme Increase Product Value
      Marketing programme and Promotion
      Entrepreneur Integration Programme
     Cooperation Network  Cooperation Network

      SME'S BANK
    Criteria Membership
    To ensure fluency selection and acceptance every entrepreneur as Kelab Usahawan RISDA member, several criteria must be filled to facilitate all parties make selection that is correct namely;
    • Malaysian Citizen
    • Smallholder and individual that in accordance with new Act RISDA
    • Entrepreneur that at least rated micro and on. All responsibility centre have to make stabilization for Kadet entrepreneur that have gone up standard to enable be accepted a member of the club.
    • Submit applications
    • Application confirmed by PRN / PRD / PRJ / PRB
    • Membership application from subsidiary need to be developed to Director Entrepreneur Development Division to be extended to PRN / PRD / PRJ / PRB that near for consideration become member state club.
    • Get membership card that/li>
    Application to become a member of the Entrepreneur Club RISDA
    • Application form (PKN A BPU/Pin 2) is available to facilitate the registration of entrepreneurs as a member of the Club. Each application must be completed and certified and approved as a member of the Club by State RISDA Director.
    • A copy of the approval must be submitted to the entrepreneur development to be included in the directory.
    RISDA Entrepreneur Club Membership Card
    • A piece of an identity card as a member of the entrepreneur Club has to be removed by RISDA Entrepreneurs Club State to each of the applications that have been approved.
    Cancellation as Club members
    Membership may be terminated once the project member confirmed failed, ceased to be entrepreneurs and get involved with crime. Member must return the membership card if it has not expired.

    Benefits To Members
    • Industry visits within or outside the country.
    • Opportunities to attend seminars, courses or technical training.
    • Be a mentor or speaker in entrepreneurial courses,
    • Receive help and capital loans management and technical staff.
    • Get networking and synergies between manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers.
    • Get announcements in the media as the voice of RISDA, RISDA Success Story or website.
    Any Question, contact:
    Entrepreneur Development Division
    Ibu Pejabat RISDA,
    Bangunan RISDA,
    Km 7, Jalan Ampang,
    Karung Berkunci 11067,
    50990 Kuala Lumpur.
    Tel: 03-4256 4022
    Fax: 03-4256 7944
    E-mel: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."> usahawan[at]risda[dot]gov[dot]my

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