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  • RISDA Sarawak Director Message 

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    Assalamualaikum w.b.t

    Alhamdulillah, Thankful to Allah s.w.t. because with taufik and his guidance, operational RISDA in Hornbills be started officially on October 16, 2008.

    On behalf of the citizens of the RISDA whole would like to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude to the Government of Sarawak in particular, and the Federal Government in general have been entrusted and the opportunity for RISDA to sow them and contribute to the development of the rubber industry and the well-being of smallholders in the State.

    Appreciation is also extended to all the representatives of the people, heads of departments (State and federal) as well as local leaders for their cooperation and support in every business and activity related to the.

    I am very proud to have been entrusted by RISDA Head Office Management to be the leader of the State and God willing HOPED that with the support of all parties as well as line officers and staff of RISDA Sarawak hope that backed up by federal and State Governments to RISDA will try performed with distinction. May God bless our noble aspiration. Amin.

    Thank you.


    Director of RISDA Sarawak
  • RISDA'S Profile 

    The Establishment

    The rubber industry smallholders development (RISDA) is a federal government agency under the Ministry of rural and regional development (KKLW).
    RISDA was established on 1 January 1973 under the authorities of the rubber industry smallholders development (Act 85, 1972).


    Administer the funds of the rubber industry (Replanting) established under section 3 of the Ordinance, the rubber industry Fund (Replanting) 1952.
    Manages and operates up to successful plans approved under the provisions of Division III rubber industry Fund Ordinance (Replanting) 1952 and.
    Plan and implement all the reform of research in the smallholder sector.


    Implement all the reform of agriculture gained from research.
    Collaborate and connect with all other government agencies responsible for the research, extension, agricultural loans, processing and marketing of rubber for accelerating the modernization of smallholder sector.
    Carry out replanting and new planting for smallholder sector with seeds that produce higher revenues through agronomy.
    Ensure that smallholder sector be modernized from all aspects to increase smallholder income.
    Get and keep statistics-statistics to be relating to the development of smallholder sector.
    Participate in any activity that is determined by the Minister in charge from time to time in connection with the improvement in the development of the smallholder sector.

    Become A Leading Agency Smallholder Development.

    Developing smallholder community a progressive and prosperous through plantation activities and commercial.

    Small farmers earn a minimum of RM2, 500 per month and his family by the end of 2015.

    Target Group

    Target groups in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak is a total of 426381 people of smallholder rubber 279127 people for an area of 630, 466.244 hectares while 147254 people for Palm with an area of 429, 708.707 hectares.

    Definition Of Smallholders

    Smallholders is defined as land owners who own less than 40.4686 hectares (100 acres)

    Client's Charter

    Approving the application for replanting within 14 days from the date received.
    The current installment of aid payment from the date of examination within 14 days.
    Consecutive instalments of aid payment from the date of the orchards be inspected within 12 days.
    Fertiliser from the date of examination within 14 days.
    The supply of seed from the date orchards be inspected within 15 days.
    Respond to all complaints within 7 days.
  • Strategy

    RISDA Key Results Area (RKRA)


    Meningkatkan kecapaian tanam semula di peringkat pembangunan tanah.

    i.72.5% dari kebun yang sedang tumbesaran menerima bantuan mencapai 10 cm setahun.
    Focus group:
    -Bantuan ke 3-6
    ii.70% dari bilangan pokok sawit sehektar telah berhasil pada umur 2 ½ tahun.
    Focus group:
    -Bantuan ke 4
    Bahagian Tanam Semula & Perladangan (BTSP)
    Sumber: SMB
    Janaan: Komputer/Manual

    Meningkatkan produktiviti pekebun kecil dan sawit pekebun kecil

    Produktiviti kebun pekebun kecil focus group mencapai tahap 1,550 kg/hektar/tahun.
    Focus group:
    -mengikut projek

    Produktiviti kebun pekebun kecil focus group mencapai tahap 17.0 mt/hek/tahun
    Focus group:
    -mengikut projek

    Bahagian Produktiviti & Pemasaran (BPP)
    Sumber:TS 82S, LPT 5(BPPT), SPOL(RPSB) dan ESPEK.
    3. Meningkatkan perolehan harga komiditi di peringkat ladang (farmgate price)

    Pekebun kecil memperoleh harga farmgate pada tahap 80.5% dari harga SMR 20 (f.o.b).

    Pekebun kecil memperoleh harga farmgate pada tahap 18.5% dari MSM hantaran tempatan.

    Bahagian Produktiviti & Pemasaran (BPP)
    Sumber: PTS 5
    4. Meningkatkan modal insan pekebun kecil melalui program latihan dan pendampingan

    80% pekebun kecil mengamalkan teknologi yang disampaikan kepada mereka.
    -Bilangan pekebun kecil didampingi dalam bidang pemindahan teknologi getah & sawit.

    Bahagian Pengembangan & Pemindahan Teknologi (BPPT) & Bahagian Latihan (BL)
    Sumber: Laporan Impak, Pelaksanaan Program,Pendampingan Bulanan

    Meningkatkan bilangan usahawan dikalangan pekebun kecil

    Melahirkan usahawan seramai 1,000 orang mengikut kategori berikut:

    Bahagian Pembangunan Usahawan (BPU)
    Sumber: Laporan Bulanan (manual)

    6. Meningkatkan pendapatan pekebun kecil getah Pendapatan pekebun kecil focus group mencapai tahap minimum RM2,100 sebulan.
    Focus group: FG Produktiviti
    -Pekebun kecil pemilik pengusaha
    -Memiliki kebun seluas 1.5 hektar
    -Harga purata SMR 20 (f.o.b) adalah RM10.50 sekilo
    -Sasaran produktiviti kebun dicapai pada tahap 1,600 kg/hek/tahun.
    Bahagian Produktiviti & Pemasaran (BPP)
    Sumber: TS 82G, LPT 2 (BPPT), PTS 5
  • Chart

    carta organisasi
  • Sarawak Risda Office
    lokasi Sarawak
    No: 19C, Lot 499, Tingkat 2,
    Al-Idrus Commercial Centre,
    Jalan Kulas, 93400 Kuching, Sarawak.
    No. Tel: 082-423305 / 082-423313 / 082-423325 (Direct line PRN Sarawak)
    No. Fax: 082-423315
    Email: prnsarawak[@]risda[dot]gov[dot]my

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