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  • RISDA Sabah Director Message

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     Greetings from RISDA Sabah negeri dibawah bayu.

    RISDA presence in Sabah highly anticipated by smallholders in here .. Of about 48,000 hectares of rubber plantation, the individual will be directly involved in 14 of the planned program.

    We received positive feedback from smallholders and local leaders including cooperatives in roadshows registration gardens for replanting has been run. A long period of planning and are in pendik program to meet this demand, including increasing the number of officers and staff in all PT in Sabah.

    Finally the RISDA Sabah hoped management support in terms of moral, material, energy and prayer from all staff PROVIDE to us here.

    Thank you.

    Pengarah RISDA Negeri Sabah
    Director of RISDA Sabah
  • Sabah Risda Profile

    Being Updated
  • Strategy

    14 Development Programmes in Sabah
    Land Development Programme and Replanting
    The implementation of TS on the individual farm lots managed by the participants themselves with guidance and advice from.
    Programs vary sources of income
    The implementation of Additional economic activity such as cottage industry, poultry and crops to increase income of PK on-farm and off-farm.

    Productivity Placement Program
    Help PK meet productivity to the next level of the potential to increase income through input assistance, stimulus and exposure to the system ekploitasi.
    Palm Smallholders Training Programmes
    The State of Sabah has been identified as a training centre for the oil palm plantation to enhance management knowledge and skills through the Palm Grove a formal course in theory and practice.

    Institutional Development Programme For Smallholders
    RISDA will develop MND institutions and pengemblengan capital, PWPK through energy and resources among PK.

    Development Of Household Members
    Household members are diupayakan through the tuition programme country PLKK, PKP and scholarships.

    Program production and supply of Palm Seeds
    The nursery will be developed to supply high quality palm seedlings including Palm tissue culture seedlings.

    Entrepreneur Development Programme
    Implementing entrepreneurial development among PK through capital assistance financing, training and guidance.

    Development Program Leader among Smallholders
    Appoint PMR RISDA in PK who serves as a liaison between the PK with other agencies in the promotion of the involvement of the PK in development programmes.

    Soil Science Lab Services
    Soil Science Lab will be built for the analysis of soil, foliar fertilizers for the purpose of the recommendation and the determination of specifications and quality fertilizers.

    Study programmes and academic Skills
    Provide education opportunities to children of PK and rural communities following the education certificate and diploma levels.

    Commercial Support Services Program
    U.S. expertise will be used to PROVIDE service to the PK in the field of transport, agent estate management, security and foreign labour supply.

    Experience RISDA in Gahai Agropolitan are used as yardstick for the development of the local community.

    Basic Infrastructure
    Roads, Drains, Sewers, Bridges.
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    carta sabah

  • Sabah Risda Office

    Lokasi Sabah new
    Lot 59 - 61, Blok J,
    Lorong Plaza Utama 4B
    Plaza Utama Alamesra
    88450, Kota Kinabalu,

    Mailbox Address:
    P.O Box 17283
    88873 Kota Kinabalu

    Tel: 088-4855034/35/36
    Fax: 088-485537
    Email: prnsabah[@]risda[dot]gov[dot]my

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