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  • RISDA Penang Director Message


    Alhamdulillah with grace and his consent then the Penang State RISDA managed to leap forward in the age and the era of information technology (IT). In line with the advancement of technology as well as the launch of the UTSRS Corridor (NCER) not so long ago the Penang State RISDA finally successfully launched the official website of the esteemed-the official website of RISDA Penang.

    Official website of the RISDA Penang will do its utmost to accommodate the latest information about enterprise technology news as well as rubber and oil palm towards creating sell rubber and oil palm jaya by Malaysia as a developed country by 2020. This website displays a statement of mission, vision, and objectives of the RISDA in General and is followed by a strategy and planning towards implementing the development of premium.

    This web page showing information about the profile of farmers and farms, organization, and administration structure towards comprehensive development by Penang State RISDA based on RISDA'S Strategic Business Plan.

    The management will enter the information on this web page so that technology became user-friendly either internally or target group. Hence this can be smooth to RISDA'S development plan the Penang State in turn strengthen and enable mission RISDA smallholder development through commercial plantation and can be achieved, Insha ALLAH.

    Thank you.


    Director Of RISDA Penang
  • Pulau Pinang Risda Profile

    The Establishment

    In 1953, during the RISDA still known as RIDA formerly Penang State, RISDA has yet to exist with the administration under its own State governed under the auspices however RISDA Office Kedah State as District Office even though his office locations located in Butterworth, Penang. Replanting areas under responsibility centres (PT) Penang at that time was covering five (5) regions, namely New City/Serdang, Seberang Perai Tengah, South Seberang Perai, North Seberang Perai and Balik Pulau/Southwest/East.

    In 1973, RISDA or even an acronym for Rubber Industries Smallholder Development Authority (the authority the rubber industry smallholders development) was officially established by the Honourable Tun Hj. Abd. Razak Bin Datuk Hussein ONN, Prime Minister of Malaysia 2. During the Penang State RISDA Office was established and its administration is under the State's own and no longer under the auspices of the Kedah State RISDA Office. Replanting areas under responsibility centres Penang at that time was covering the Inland district of Penang Island only of Seberang Perai Tengah, South Seberang Perai, North Seberang Perai and Balik Pulau/Southwest/Northeast.

    But in 1998, the Penang State RISDA Office that closed and then turned into the station under RISDA Center district of Kulim, Kedah, again under the auspices of the administration. The location of the Station is still located in Butterworth, Penang. The staff is about as many as 20 people. On 1 January 2004, the date recorded historic reopening of the Penang State RISDA Office at the same location and the staff is about as many as 30 people. TN. Hj. Adnan Bin Ahmad responsible hold office as Director of the Penang State RISDA immediately reopening, then was transferred to Unit Planning Division headquarters RISDA, k. L in October 2005.

    RISDA Director (PRN) has been replaced by En. Awiskarni Bin Zulkarnaini who rose from an official district RISDA (the PRD) Larut Matang, Perak. Now, the staff has increased to a total of 44 people and has two stations in Seberang Perai Utara (S.P.U) located in the State Office building, RISDA Penang and Seberang Perai Selatan (S.P.S) in Jawi.


    Moto for RISDA Penang was 3B, namely:-

  • Strategy

    To achieve the goal of replanting and want to develop the RISDA smallholder community, Penang had planned a strategy as follows:-

    Identify the smallholders to replant rubber or oil palm Smallholders through information systems (SMPK).

    The smallholders who have latex aged 20 years and above will be identified by the external officer RISDA and and will meet to give information, description and memdapatkan smallholders for with State memdapatkan application for replanting. Likewise the Palm smallholders aged 20 years and above for joining replanting.

    Work – work of expansion with provide knowledge and transfer of technology – technology from research agencies directly to small farmers through meetings like tutoring, visits, information, etc. Some of the smallholders get straight information and applicable namely the tapping method of memendekan Palm trees 2 ½ and 4 ½ rubber technology and give a boost to the Vitex for trees. Small farmers also are identified through the integrated information system (SMB).

    Smallholders identified will be given guidance, information, techniques, fertilization and disease control by detecting through replanting file, in which the smallholders have been of help.

    To face the problem and kemelosotan the economy globally, smallholders are encouraged to manjalankan additional economic activities such as crops, farming and cottage industry, to meet the household economy.

    Smallholder family members will also be encourage to participate in projects to enhance income PWPK household such as attending classes, cooking, sewing and handicrafts. Through this programme to smallholder families nowadays are highlighted.

    The son – the son of smallholders that are identified and will receive training as Rural Tuition, Rural Info Field (MID), and information technology (ICT).

    Disclosure of information technology is not only given to children in fact exposed also at family members and close relatives.

    Up-to-date information can be obtained from MPOB, Jabatan Pertanian Malaysia and others involved.
  • Pulau Pinang Risda Office

    Lokasi PulauPinang

    532, Bagan Lebai Tahir,
    12990 Butterworth, Pulau Pinang.
    No. Tel: 04-323 5895
    No. Fax: 04-332 5231
    Email: rispng[at]risda[dot]gov[dot]my

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