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  • RISDA Negeri Sembilan Director Message

    Thanks to the grace of Allah for the bounty and the permissions, RISDA Negeri Sembilan successfully moving forward forward in line with the era of information and communication technology (ICT), in accordance with the RISDA WEBSITE. This is in line with the Government's intention to make a society that is informative. Informational society is a society that is to dominate the world.

    This website contains information that might be sepadat a clear and structured on the RISDA generally covers various aspects, particularly in terms of the history, background, functions and objectives of the. Some of the contents of this website including smallholder development strategy implemented in line with the development policies set by the Government. In turn, this website displays the information about the profile, organisation and administration of the State includes the implementation of RISDA and the achievement of development activities based on the Model of Strategic trash destined for. It aims to strengthen the development of smallholder community.

    Software site will be enhanced and updated to so that it is in the form of user-friendly client satisfaction and all levels. This web site may be considered a media cyber space which acts to foster a closer relationship between RISDA with target groups and clients. Hence this will be smooth again the implementation of development programmes and strengthen the function of RISDA RISDA at the forefront of the development of the smallholder community. In turn, this will expedite the achievement of the mission and objectives of development in particular and the country in General of RISDA.

    Hopefully this will provide good facilities and benefits to all concerned, particularly smallholder community.

    Welcome to the official website of the RISDA. ...

    Director Of RISDA Negeri Sembilan
  • RISDA Office Profile Of Negeri Sembilan

    Unique Information RISDA Negeri Sembilan

    Negeri Sembilan consists of 7 districts.
    The building design of a State RISDA Minangkabau.
    The project – project for example Sugar Anau, Sirat and Apam Johol.
    Ownership of the land to customary lands and hard to be developed/ownership and more at a land grant.
    Dialect and culture of the smallholders who practiced differently.
    Geographical factors are located in the less rainfall in Malaysia (Jelebu).


    Ensure the implementation of programmes approved and allocated in accordance with the policy set out by the authority subject to the provision in the Act.
    Ensure increased socio-economic smallholders by implementing replanting programmes, pengestetan and related to both the programme.
    Ensure that all development programmes running smoothly, efficiently and achieve a level of excellence in accordance with the requirements of the Customer Charter.

    Become a leading agency smallholder development.

    Produce smallholder community progressive, creative, knowledgeable, skillful, yet and make agriculture as a business/income.

    Well-being Of Smallholders First, Performance Now.

    Organization Chart
  • Strategy

    Focusing on development activities active smallholders, owner/operators rely gardens owned by them, has the energy and are interested in changing their lives.
    Replanting of rubber smallholders with most crops 's.
    Give priority to the development of Group bookings.
    Provide opportunity for progressive development of smallholder farm them individually.
    Implement economic development projects based on the needs of the market.
    Use the services and expertise of subsidiaries to carry out large scale economic projects that can benefit the smallholders where appropriate.
    Implementing human development towards producing smallholder community, has long been conscious, give thanks and excellent work ethic.
  • Negeri Sembilan RISDA Office

    Lokasi N.9
    Lot 999, Jalan Mufti Ahmad,
    Medan Rahang,70100 Seremban,
    Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus.
    No. Tel: 06-7625 166/177/199 & 06-7636119
    No Fax: 06-7634666
    Email: risns[at]risda[dot]gov[dot]my

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