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  • RISDA Johor Director Message

    daman huri02 

    The creation of the website of Johor State RISDA shows management's commitment towards State RISDA technological advancement while moving so fast. To meet the wishes of smallholders in Johor, RISDA has always been concerned with the hardships faced by Small Farmers to deal with the. With the availability of the website hoped Smallholders can browse and find the latest information.

    The Web page has many hoped the information and be able to help Smallholders or individuals who wish to obtain information on the relevant Organisation RISDA, such as replanting programmes, courses for smallholders, the rate of replanting aid and others.

    I hope this site will enable visitors to interact to get various information on RISDA, programmes and activities carried out in order to exalt RISDA living standards of smallholder community.

    Thank you, thank you.



    Director Of RISDA Johor
  • Johor State RISDA Office Profile

    Developing smallholder community a progressive and prosperous through plantation activities and commercial.

    The Objectives
    Small farmers gain at least RM 2000 per month family by 2010.

    RISDA Smallholder Cheerful, Happy.
  • Strategy
    To realize the strategy of the RISDA replanting programmes and related activities, a number of plans were arranged for small farmers, namely:-

    Replanting Programmes
    Johor state management has established a TASKFORCE among officers and employees to ensure that replanting application can be achieved according to a predetermined goal by making announcements in the mass media, campaign and House-to-house visits by the Developer Community RISDA (PMR) and local leaders.
    Seed Supply
    To ensure the supply of seeds can be achieved according to the client's Charter, the management plan need to seed and are always willing to be provided, with the existence of the nursery will transit supply quality seeds can be delivered on schedule.

    The Program Expansion
    RISDA also undertake the development under the Ministry of rural and regional development as the Skim Pembangunan Kesejahteraan Rakyat (SPKR) Movement of the GDW, Program infrastructure and others. To human development, RISDA Johor has been provides opportunities for smallholders and members of her family attend programmes organised by RISDA all year, with this strategy the living standards of the smallholders could be upgraded her skills and in turn out of the poverty line.
  • Risda Johor Office

    Lokasi Johor
    PTB 12328, Jalan Padi Murni,
    Bandar Baru UDA, Karung Berkunci 797,
    81200 Johor Bahru, Johor Darul Takzim
    No. Tel: 07-2394505, 07-2394506, 07-2394507, 07-2394508, 07-2394509
    No. Fax: 07-2394501
    Email: risjhr[at]risda[dot]gov[dot]my

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