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  1. Provide long term planning and short-term programs that are aligned RISDA computing and support strategic planning RISDA.
  2. Provide appropriate ICT RISDA staff abreast of current technology.
  3. Developing information systems / computer applications for functions that have been identified either internally or outsourced.
  4. Obtain an application package / software to use RISDA.
  5. Maintaining information systems / applications to ensure smooth system operation.
  6. Multimedia services and websites.
  7. Maintain the hardware, software and network LAN / WAN / RISDA * net that are in good condition and ready for use.
  8. Provide technical assistance to the Centre of Responsibility to the failure ( downtime ) is minimized.
  9. ICT tools to certify the proposed disposal of the respective department.
  10. Creating an ICT security procedures to be followed by Responsibility Center.
  11. Implementing the government ICT programs being introduced from time to time .
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