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a) Administration and Finance Unit

  1. Undertake the management of human resources, administration and finance division .
  2. Including maintenance work , discipline , asset and inventory management , voucher preparation , review travel claims, allowances and staff welfare .

b) Infrastructure Development Unit

    Plan, implement and monitor the following programs : -

          - Infrastructure Stimulus

          - Flood Recovery Infrastructure

          - Housing Assistance Programs Stimulus

          - Housing Assistance Program.

    2. Provide engineering advice and implement projects in Civil, Mechanical , Electrical , Architectural and Tender Management and Project Monitoring undertaken .

c) Rural Development Unita

    Plan, implement and monitor the following programs : -
              * Center for Rural Growth and Restructuring Village ( SPKR )

              * Revenue Enhancement Program ( PPP )

              * PLKK

              * Project Homestay / Homestay

              * Rural Vision Movement ( GDW )

              * Medan Info Desa

     Promoting rural entrepreneurs and enterprises to expand business .

d) Poverty Reduction Unit

    Plan, implement and monitor the following programs : -
              - Program Agropolitan

              - PROSDET Pantos

              - Local Community Development Programme ( PPMS )

              - Restructuring of Kampong ( PSK )

    Develop and implement projects under the program that can generate income target groups.

    Provide opportunities to acquire basic facilities , training and nurturing the spirit of self-reliance among the target group families .

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