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  1. Plan, coordinate, Monitor and Monitor the Implementation of Construction Works Various RISDA Building ( Office Building PRN / PRD / PRS / Store / Home, Factory, Rubber Processing Center , Water Treatment Plant , Effluent Treatment Plant , Etc. ) and Other Structures by Building engineer .
  2. Implement, and monitor adjusts Works Overhaul and Maintenance Headquarters Building (Including Installation ) And the land RISDA Building , District and Station by Maintenance Engineer .
  3. Monitor, coordinate , and Monitoring Work Field Surveying For Construction Projects , Maintenance and Overhaul Includes Preparation of Tender / Quotation , List Bill Of Quantity, Preparation of Tender Evaluation Report / Quotation .
  4. Implement Works Design ( Design ) Engineering and Technical Services Provide Plans and Requested By Other Parts / PT .
  5. Monitor, coordinate , and Monitoring Project Implementation Works Road Network Infrastructure Essentials Farming in Smallholder Farms Rated PRN / PT .
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