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  1. Managing the Development Budget and Annual Operating Budget for the budget-based Malaysian Five Year Plan.
  2. Issue of warrant expenses and managing to each respective department.
  3. Providing Accounting Policies RISDA and Subsidiaries.
  4. Manage Fixed Assets Account.
  5. Managing the Subsidiary Loan.
  6. Managing the Property Management Trust Account.
  7. Managing Accounts Unclaimed Money.
  8. Procurement Board Secretariat RISDA.
  9. Procurement Committee Secretariat RISDA.
  10. Secretariat Fund Trust Account Property Management.
  11. Managing staff salaries.
  12. Prepare, review and update the Financial Regulation RISDA and Subsidiaries.
  13. Managing the Integrated Information System RISDA.
  14. Review, develop, develop and maintain financial system computer RISDA.
  15. Provide financial advisory services to management RISDA and Subsidiaries.
  16. Instructors to perform financial staff RISDA.
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