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Leading Transformation



Move the minds of RISDA management to plan, track and evaluate policies and programmes.



Led the challenge to produce a progressive RISDA, innovative and Harder through the process of planning, Tracking and evaluation of quality and excellence.



  1. Ensure RISDA'S direction in accordance with the development policies of the smallholders and the national development policy.
  2. Formulate policies macro development of smallholders in order to improve income and make a progressive smallholder community healthy and excellent.
  3. Ensure the implementation of development programmes and projects of smallholders in accordance with established policies and strategies.
  4. Act as a reference and to coordinate the results of key meetings with central agencies as well as study and research.
  5. Expand and strengthen the network of collaboration with Government and private agencies at both federal and international level.
  6. Provide databases on the target group for memabntu planning and monitoring of project implementation and evaluation impek program.
  7. Help enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of operations and management HOPED that through the use of ICT.
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