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Director's Message

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May Peace Be Upon You and Greeting to all.

Welcome to RISDA's official portal and we welcome all netizens to get as much accurate, precise and up-to-date information about RISDA. As the main dissemination medium of organizational information to customers, it is undeniable that it is important for organizations such as RISDA to have a portal that has customer-friendly features, full of information required by customers with easy access method with just one click.

In ensuring the RISDA delivery system is always at its best and effective, this Division has played a significant role by establishing new Information and Communication Technology (ICT) initiatives towards the achievement of RISDA's vision and mission. These include the usage of the 1Gov * Net Network, the implementation of IPV6, Information Security Management System (ISMS), Data Warehouse System, IK1S (1 Computer 1 Staff), the setup of the Disaster Recovery Centre, implementation of the Integrated Communications Service (1GovUC) and etc.

This Division with full commitment of its citizens is always working to improve ICT infrastructure whether in terms of networking, hardware, software, ICT and its ICT management in accordance to the guidelines, rules, standards and best practices available. Hopefully RISDA will continue to provide the best service to all its customers through all the transformation and innovation via the system deliverance supported by ICT technology.

Happy surfing of RISDA portal. Thank you


Director of Information Technology Division



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