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Director's Message


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With The Name of God of the Most Gracious and Merciful

May Peace Be Upon You

Welcome and thanks to visitors who visit the official website of the Special Program Division.

Generally this division is the implementing agency and acted as payor to the Ministry of Rural Development Program (KKLW). Among the main programs of this division as implementers and payor to Agropolitan projects development and infrastructure development are listed as follows:

  1. Agropolitan project Gahai Lipis, Pahang, Kuala Lipis, Pahang
  2. Agropolitan Chemomoi project, Bentong, Pahang
  3. Agropolitan Ganda, Gerik, Perak
  4. Agropolitan Ulu Awik, Sarawak
  5. Agropolitan Nanga Sekuau, Sarawak
  6. Prosdet Pantos Project, Lipis Pahang
  7. Progressive Development Program (PPK)
  8. Development of Local Community Development Program (PPMS)
  9. Development of Village Restructuring Program (PPSK)
  10. Development of Home Fund Assistance Program(BPR)
  11. National Home Buildings Project Project(RBN)

While being the payor agency, this section is involved in KKLW Village Development Program. Among the programs involved are as follows:

  1. The People's Development & Wellbeing Scheme (SPKR)
  2. Power of Insight Movement (GDW)
  3. Everlasting Village
  4. Mini Rural Transformation Centre (RTC)
  5. Village / Federal Development and Safety Committee (JKKK / JKKKP)

May all visitors get the latest information on the functions and responsibilities of each Program implemented by this Division in channelling RISDA services to Stake Holder or rural communities in a more holistic and comprehensive manner. The Division is always ready to make realize RISDA's goal of upgrading rural areas as urban in term of increasing rubber smallholders' and rural communities income. I also welcome views and suggestions from visitors to further improve the content of this Division's Web site from time to time.

Thank you. 


Director of Special Programmes Department

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