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Director's Message



Assalamualaikum W.B.T, Salam Negaraku Malaysia

Alhamdulillah, we are grateful to Allah S.W.T because with His grace we can come together to access this RISDA Website and to apply this highly sophisticated and informative website in line with the ever-expanding information technology development. In ensuring the effective delivery system, Human Resource Management Department plays a role in establishing good governance in human resource management. As such, Human Resource Management Department is always implementing effective initiatives and mechanisms to meet stakeholder and customer needs.

Among the main functions of the Department are the planning and identification of human resource requirements in accordance with RISDA requirements, planning and implementing continuous human resource development programs to enhance competency and career progression and thus provide efficient management and administration of human resources in helping to improve the effectiveness of the delivery system. As stated by Y.A.B Prime Minister of Malaysia in the 11th Malaysia Plan (RMK 11), Enhancing Human Capital Development for Developed Countries, the Human Resource Management Department is always working hard to ensure RISDA is moving in line with the national vision. The vision of this Department is to "Committed and Professional Human Resource Management Department " and Division Mission is "Providing Competitive and Efficient Human Resources".

The Human Resource Management Department is full of confidence with all the ongoing efforts undertaken in improving the governance of human resource management in RISDA will enable a positive impact on RISDA officers and staff and further the success of the RISDA organization itself and this is based to the Division motto of "Human Capital, RISDA's Main Asset"

Director of Human Resource Management Department



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