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Director's Message





Greeting The Nation of Malaysia


The Entrepreneurship lnitiative is a National and the Ministry of Rural Development (KPLB) aspiration is a priority to be materialized in helping the rural community of smallholders improve and increase their income.

In line with this requirement , RISDA has made the implementation of the Entrepreneurial Program agenda the second most important element after the replanting program. As such, RISDA has set a goal of producing 20,000 entrepreneurs bu the end of 2020 which will generate an average income of at least RM2500 per month.

The Entrepreneur Development Division has been entrusted to formalize this purpose.  Accordingly, five key Programs have been developed to meet these requirements, namely, the Supplemental Economic Activity Program, Product Development, Premise, Business and Marketing, Exhibition and Promotion and Strategic Networking with relevant agencies.


Leap beyond limits’
‘Menjana Usahawan Global’


Director Of Entrepreneur Development Division



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