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Director's Message



Greeting Upon My Country Malaysia

Welcome to the Investment & Subsidiaries Development Division (BPPS).

BPPS is responsible for reviewing, assessing viability, analyzing the risks of investments that can bring profit to RISDA and smallholders. In addition, BPPS is responsible for regulating RISDA's subsidiaries covering coordination, investment, loan and policy and regulatory compliance. BPPS is also responsible for formulating and reviewing SMR regulations in line with the current government's policy and adhering to Good Governance according to the Companies Act 2016.

The SMR has its own strengths in various sectors such as plantation services, manufacturing, marketing, transport, insurance brokers, education, livestock , property development, rubber and palm seed preparation, fertilizer supply, fund management, catering and function management as well as the welfare of staff and Smallholders.

BPPS targets the best returns from any investment or business undertaken by  in terms of dividend payments or profits generated from approved activities in order for profit gains to be redistributed to future smallholders.

Hopefully this shared information can benefit us together. Welcome to  RISDA Portal.

Thank You.

“Work Smart, Think Corporate”

Director of Invesment & Subsidiaries Development Division



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