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Director’s Message


May peace be upon you and congratulations to all visitors who visit the RISDA Training Division website.

In response to the Government's desire to achieve a high-income nation, RISDA's management of the new tag line "Respect the Planters, love RISDA" will emphasize on the aspects of smallholder training that will lead to increase productivity and income.

Based on the Training Needs Analysis (TNA) Training Division provides a robust module covering Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) as follows :

‘1. Planting and Maintenance

‘2. Fertilization

‘3. Stimulation

‘4. Tapping

For this year, a total of 223 good Agriculture Good Practice courses will be implemented at RISDA's Training Centre for Pahang, Perak, Kelantan and RISDA Training Centre(RISTEC).

The Training Division provides Annual Nursery Training Book as a reference material and guide to smallholder communities regarding types  of training provided. In addition to provide training facilities for smallholders, RISDA staff will also be trained to increase knowledge and improve skills in their respective areas of work.

In accordance with the Training Division's motto of "Training Uphold Skills Transformation", Staff Training will be geared towards closing the existing skills gap among the officers and supporting staff and skills required by RISDA and smallholders for the time being.

A total of 250 courses will be conducted to train 4460 RISDA staff throughout the year.

Hopefully, all browsers are getting the latest information on the training facilities available and apply for appropriate courses to increase knowledge and improve skills in order to manage their assets efficiently and effectively, especially in improving the productivity of the plantation.

Thank you.

Director of Training Division


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