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Hello and welcome to the visitors who spend time surfing the Web this Part.

In applying the smallholder sector development program , RISDA always ensure delivery of efficient supply of agricultural inputs and efficiently. Accordingly with effect from 1 August 2007, the Agricultural Input Supply Division has been realized .

The aim is to provide the raw materials of high quality agricultural inputs of seeds, fertilizers and other agricultural inputs .

In the era of technology , the Division is also planning to provide agricultural inputs ' online ' with the development of Fertilizer Monitoring System and e-benih . Hopefully, this facility will ensure RISDA services to the targeted group , the small farmers will be more efficient and effective .

It is hoped that all browsers will have information and updates about the role of this Part of the present supply of inputs to farmers.

Thank you .

En.Mad Jais Bin Che Yem
Director Of Agricultural Input Supply Division

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